Young Church

0-3 years old

Our nursery is located downstairs along with the Godly Play room. The nursery is a cozy space for infants and toddlers to explore and play with many various toys. On the door is a photo and information on the volunteers serving in the nursery each Sunday so that parents can feel confident and safe knowing their children are well cared for. 

3 years old - 1st grade

Our Godly Play classroom is located downstairs. Godly Play is a curriculum written by Jerome Berryman using Montessori teaching style to open up the stories of the Bible for children to enter into. Our stories cover the scope of the Bible from creation to the great adventures of the New Testament. At the end of each session, we have our feast time (snack). We try to maintain a food-allergy free zone in our classroom by washing hands before children enter the room and our feast is typically juice or water and a type of fruit. If you have any food allergy concerns for your child, please feel free to contact us. 

2nd grade - 5th grade

Elementary aged students are welcomed to head upstairs during the service to join in our Big Kids program. This program runs during the school year and typically takes the summer off. Each gathering, students learn the importance of prayer by praying for one another. Lesson topics typically focus on the Bible passages that the pastor is preaching from that Sunday. Each teacher also uses a variety of teaching methods in order to engage students in meaningful lessons. Some of the methods include art, games, and discussions.

It is important to Emmaus Road that middle school and high school students are incorporated into the body of the church. This typically means that we welcome them to stay with the adults through the entirety of the service. As being part of the body, this also means that students are encouraged and welcome to help serve during the services as well. This could be anything from helping our younger children's programs, reading Bible passages, and helping with the audio and visual needs. We encourage youth and their parents to talk with the pastor about finding just the right fit for each youth.

In addition to welcoming our middle school and high school students as active participants in our church, there is a small group that meets once a month during services. During this group, students are invited to share their lives and pray for one another, and also discuss various Bible subjects.

Students are also invited to becoming part of a mentoring relationship. Students are matched with an adult in the church (typically in a 3-to-1 ratio of student to mentor) and they meet at least once a month. Currently, the girls mentoring meets before church on the 4th Sunday of the month; and the boys meet after church on the 4th Sunday of the month.