"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." 
Matthew 5:3-12 


I once thought this referred to Christlike attitudes I was supposed to emulate; descriptions of people I was supposed to be like. It is not that simple. First of all, "beatitude" doesn't directly pertain to "attitude" (which has two letter "t's" anyway). Secondly, and of more significance, I now understand these words at the beginning of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount are more revelatory of God's attitude toward us and the values of his kingdom. The implications are radical; they contradict and countermand the aims of all other empires, they scandalize the pride of lesser kings, and they force us to reinterpret dominant narratives of winners and losers. 

Ultimately, the "Beatitudes" do shape the thoughts and lives of Jesus' followers, too. They shape my attitude, when I am ready to absorb what Jesus' is saying. 

Are you ready? 


  • July 8 - WHO IS BLESSED? Matt 5:3-12; Prayers of Gratitude
  • July 15 - SALT & LIGHT Matt 5:13-16; Contemplative Prayer
  • July 22 - THE LAW Matt 5:17-48; Intercession, Supplication
  • July 29 - FIFTH SUNDAY of SERVICE; Packs and Projects