"But now as for what is inside you—be generous to the poor, and everything will be clean for you."
Luke 11:41

FIFTH SUNDAYS are devoted to SERVING TOGETHER. That is what we have planned for this coming Sunday: PACKS FOR PEOPLE and PROJECTS around the building and grounds of the church we share with each other, with the community members who come during the week, and the neighbors who live next door.

Shouldyou do this? Shouldyou offer time and money to support those (Aurora Commons), meeting needs of the poor and marginalized on our streets? Yes, of course.

But "should" is a pretty superficial way of looking at it. When it comes to being generous, we who follow Christ believe God has given abundantly to us; we give to others out of hisprovision. It is not enough to declare we "should" give; it is more truthful to say we "get" to give. As we mature in our understanding, this is the deeper truth we embrace. Together, we have opportunities THIS SUNDAY to take part in the ministry of God's abundance and hospitality.

This Sunday - July 29th - we have TWO service opportunities organized: PACKS and PROJECTS.

  1. PACKS for PEOPLE! This is our regular (and HIGHLY appreciated by Aurora Commons), assembly line project. Use this link to view the list of wanted supplies and also to signup. 
  2. PROJECTS around BUILDING & GROUNDS! Our charming facility needs some attention, inside and out. This is not just for our sake, but also for those who use our building during the week, and those who live nearby. Our Building & Grounds Team, led by Biff and Sean, will guide the landscaping and cleaning projects. Please bring tools: work & gardening gloves, hand pruners, cutters, trowels, hedge trimmers, pole saws, hand saws, rakes, and shovels....if you have those things. :-) 
One last suggestion: INVITE FRIENDS!