Saturday April 5th, 9am-3pm, New Horizons Ministries is hosting an open house and garage sale. Volunteers are needed and can sign up to help here. Because there will be no annual walk-a-thon this year, Emmaus Road's musicians have been invited to help provide atmosphere and energy for this event. 

If you have been around Emmaus Road these last several months, you may have heard us mention the need to temporarily relocate our Sunday morning worship event. This is because New Horizons Ministries will soon be making big changes. As explained on their website, "Over the last several years, it has become clear that if we are to have significant impact on these young people leaving street life permanently, we need to provide additional opportunities, beyond our current programs, to equip them."  New Horizons Ministries is embarking upon an ambitious fund raising and facilities renovation plan. Read about the history, the need, and the plan, to go further in providing a Hope and a Future.