Two and a half years ago, Emmaus Road considered nine specific areas of ministry we wanted to develop. We called these nine ministry areas "Roots and Branches"; we envisioned growing deeper and stretching farther (find details on this post).

One of these "branches" was EVANGELISM BEYOND SUNDAY. Another included the idea of becoming ROOTED AND LINKED; sharing ministry with other churches/groups.

Here we are, two and half years later. We are more rooted and linked, in Belltown and across Seattle with Cluster and Kingdom Enterprise Zone partnerships.

But we need to talk about evangelism. Many of us do not like that word.

And we need to talk about evangelism, with others who share our context of Seattle, 2013.

I am excited to announce a new discussion space - a "link" - through which we can probe ministry issues: MISSIONAL PUB.

This Thursday, November 21st, join a handful of Christ followers from partner churches and ministries, as we share stories and probe the essence of the Good News, and how it is shared (or not) among us, our neighbors, and family - beyond Sunday (because that is when we are with our neighbors and family). This first Missional Pub is being hosted at the Blue Star CafĂ© and Pub in Wallingford. No entry fee. Food and beverages are optional and on your own. Other details on FB here. 

NOTE: Thursday night will be a "pilot" event; we will be taking notes on the location, format, etc., and will be hosting more events like this. Topics may stretch out over several events, or we may find we have spent enough time in one session and are ready to move on to something else the next time.


Following tradition, we host our annual Christmas Eve gathering on Tuesday, December 24th (of course). BUT, the Sunday prior to that, the 22nd, we suspend gathering at 10:30am. Instead, we can assemble outside that evening, at Second Ave and Bell Street, to become urban Christmas Carolers! Why Second/Bell? Because this block is the first of several to open along the new Bell Street Park Boulevard, and it needs healthy neighborhood activity to establish it as a welcome and inviting space. Not only would this be fun, it would be helpful. It is also a great opportunity to share with neighbors and friends. Invite anyone interested to join us! More details to follow.


For many people, Thanksgiving and Christmas are tough times. Holiday Blues are real. We who belong to the Church often imagine that if people came to us, to be cheered by Advent Candles, Christmas Carols, and the preaching of the Gospel in Christ's Nativity, those with the blues would be much better off. But most people stay away; they know better. An hour with Christian strangers, pretending to be joyful, all going home to their families and cozy homes, will not conquer loneliness. 

Beyond Sunday, though, and outside the space of worship, there are alternatives for treating the blues. Envision live music, free food/beverages, bingo, prizes, and a crowd that includes people from the towers, and people from the streets. Somewhere in the neighborhood, on neutral territory, people can connect; strangers will become neighbors.  We can be part of this.  As Church Beyond Sunday, Emmaus Road has the opportunity to co-host a Holiday Blues and Bingo event, Tuesday evening, December 17th. This is for old and young, for church, community, and neighbors. A collaborative team of people across Belltown are signing up to participate. This could be the beginning of something beautiful.



LAST NIGHT, some of us enjoyed grilled cheese, tomato soup, salad, and fellowship between New Horizons and Emmaus Road. People, do not miss your opportunity to experience this. Invite friends! 

Props to Stina for buying food and managing an efficient 2.5 hrs of service.

Food Group Gals
Food Group Guys