Back in 2011, you may remember hearing about Emmaus Road being "rooted and linked." There was a video produced by Parish Collective. What does this mean for Emmaus Road?  It means having a connection to our neighborhood of gathering, Belltown, being rooted in some of our denominational history and practices, being rooted in our own congregational habits and rhythms, and most importantly, being rooted in community, through the particular relationships we share in ministry together, rooted in this body of Christ. Being linked means having meaningful connections with partners: sister congregations, para-church ministries, community groups, agencies, and neighbors. Some of these links are within Belltown, some are across the city, region, or even the globe (our sister Asabe; our missionary friends in Tibet).

Some of Emmaus Road's links are with the Seattle Cluster, a group of Christian Reformed Church and Reformed Church of America congregations and ministries around Seattle. Churches and missions among these "sister" denominations are linking more and more in regions across North America, sharing resources and joining in multiplication efforts. In Seattle, stories of collaboration from the Seattle Cluster are being shared through a news letter. If you have not already, read this brief post about a collaboration including Emmaus Road back in July; a more recent post tells the story of leaders from two CRC congregations in Crown Hill and Greenwood, collaborating to launch a preschool from one of the churches. Check out the link here and scroll down to read about P.A.T.H.