After a year of hearing about monthly "Theology Pub" events hosted in Capital Hill by Simon Cunningham, pastor of Roots, I finally attended one in February, along with two other Emmaus Road members. This particular event included a lecture connecting the field of epistemology with the study of, and debate around, the rationality of faith. Without getting into details (you can read more here), I recommend future events based on this: it was a great learning event in a very unique social (and spiritual) space. I heard a relevant, substantive presentation, followed by a lively Q&A session among a crowd of some forty Seattleites, including committed atheists, religious believers, and people in between. Together, we considered the ideas presented without indulging in combative, acrimonious squabbling. There was definite disagreement; people had different responses, thoughts, and feelings toward the presentation. For the most part, though, it felt to me like a productive and honest exchange in pursuit of understanding. In cyberspace, people seem quick to insult, dismiss, and stereotype each other over religious disagreements; it was refreshing to enter this alternative space, where face to face, there was more accountability to listen and speak with consideration for the other.