If you missed Cynthia's update on Asabe a few Sundays ago, here is the message Cynthia read from her brother, who recently visited Asabe in Lagos, Nigeria.

"Hi Cynthia.
Asabe is doing very well and is healthy thanks to consistently taking her medication and the fact that she is able to work less than before. She still has a part time job as a nanny for a missionary family, but not the kind of strenuous work she had in the past. Her children are doing well. Two of her daughters are married and she now has 5 grandchildren. The third daughter Naomi (Cynthia) lives in Lagos with an uncle. Her three sons all live at home with her to look after her and provide protection. Her neighborhood has been hit periodically with spurts of violence with several homes around her's burned down. The two older sons -- Iliya and Silas -- aren't married and are both partially employed. The youngest son Matthew is still in secondary school."