Emmaus Road is devoting the fifth Sunday of the month to our neighborhood of gathering, Belltown. We devote fifth Sundays - Groundworks Sundays - to serving with neighbors, aiming to become church beyond the building. Gather at 10:30AM; plan to volunteer for an hour or two; look forward to pizza and pop around Noon.
Our leadership team and volunteer tasks include:
  • Lori King - projects in the neighborhood
  • David Anema - street cleaning, landscaping in Belltown
  • Kurt Munson - painting @ New Horizons
  • Cornell Blackwell & Biff Gaitan - cleaning, sorting @ New Horizons
  • Nell Colyn, Jade Likkel - kids' craft; Advent decorations for New Horizons
  • Linda Bishop - Pizza and Pop
A couple unique volunteer opps. include:
  1. curtains @ New Horizons we use to surround main worship area are in need of repair; this requires a portable sewing machine
  2. speakers @ New Horizons need repositioning on ceiling; Mark Nelson has details
For more information or to sign up, contact David Anema, our Americorps Volunteer for Community Development: 206-369-6534; david@emmausroad.net
Also, feel free to sign up simply by posting comments to this blog.