There are four meaningful opportunities for us to serve and interact with neighbors Sunday May 23rd. Invite friends. If possible, sign up ahead of time to help us prepare.

  1. Sunset House (4 residents) & Simon Tower (7 residents); cleaning, etc.; (bring rubber gloves, like the yellow ones you use in your kitchen; a mop and bucket if you have one); Jennifer/Jaime leading
  2. "Street-scaping" @ 2nd/Bell (bring gloves and landscaping tools); Daniel Tidwell & David Anema leading
  3. New Horizons Kitchen Cleaning/donation sorting; Cornell Blackwell
  4. New Horizons Painting; "accent" walls; 8-10 spots for UGM members; Kurt Munson leading
  • Parents and kids: If the weather cooperates, families can work outside at 2nd/Bell location with kids of all ages; little hands can help pull weeds! But if the weather is poor, we will have a craft/project @New Horizons to help beautify the drop-in center; Matt Park leading

  • 12:00 PM Pizza available @ New Horizons!!

In case you're wondering how "Groundworks Sunday" fits into Emmaus Road's rhythm of ministry, here is a link explaining how this came about.