Members Josh & Kara Gillanders, of Emmaus Road, have a direct connection to a team traveling to Haiti with help. Josh's brother Jake Gillanders, a paramedic in Kitsap County, is a member of Disaster Response Northwest, traveling to Haiti early in May. Here is Kara's invitation to our church, explaining how we can participate:

Dear Emmaus Road,

On behalf of Josh's brother (my brother-in-law) Jake, I'm sending out this message. Jake is a paramedic and firefighter in Kitsap County and part of an organization called Disaster Response Northwest. The group will be traveling to Haiti on May 11 to help with the medical needs of the community. Please know there is no requirement or expectation for participation. However, if you know of anyone who has soccer balls (new or used) that they would like to donate, or make other donations such as baby formula, Disaster Response Northwest would greatly appreciate it. Josh and I are willing to collect the donations and give them to Jake by May 5th.

Josh and Kara Gillanders