The Holidays approach, along with the typical dread that weighs you down this time of year. While the ache of loneliness is constant, pangs of anxiety lurk around each corner. Looming over it all, the very real threat of eviction casts a gloomy shadow: unless the filth and clutter of your apartment - manifestations of your confusion and despair - unless all this is thoroughly cleaned for inspection, you and all your possessions will be thrown out. You will be sent back to those cold, wet streets, by Thanksgiving weekend. Cleaning one's apartment does not sound too daunting. But the depression and darkness are crushing; it feels impossible to get out from under the burden. You are overwhelmed and frozen with inertia. But when the kindness of strangers appears, offering a few hours of help, cleaning and conversing, you are given a much needed glimmer of hope, at the edge of an otherwise gloomy horizon.

Join Emmaus Road this Sunday, 10:30AM, to help out some neighbors in need. Come in work clothes with any cleaning supplies you can spare, and give a few hours of your time at the beginning of this Holiday season. We will gather at New Horizons and go out in groups, some to Noel House, others to Jefferson Terrace; some can help sort, clean, and paint @ New Horizons.