Imagine Christians across a city, cooperating in service one day a year. This happened in Portland; their Season of Service, an unlikely partnership between churches and city, made headlines in USA Today and Reader's Digest. This has also happened in Santa Rosa; one church began Spring Clean with fifty youth and expanded to involve over forty congregations. Could this happen in our city? This year, God is empowering several leaders to begin gathering Jesus' people in Seattle to do the same. It will begin small at first, but the hope is to persist each year, expanding the witness of the Church across our city as we serve our neighbors. Saturday, October 17 is the day. Emmaus Road has been invited to serve at Union Gospel Mission Men's Shelter, painting the third floor. Other church groups will be outside, cleaning up some of the city's neglected parks. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the Church that day! Contact Pastor Eric Likkel for more details.