Saturday, April 18th @ 10am
Mars Hill Graduate School@ Elliott and Wall in Belltown, down the hill and a few blocks south of New Horizons near the water. Contact: chandra@emmausroad.net and/or reserve a spot online.

This year, the food, fellowship, and childcare will be just as great as last year, but the parking situation will be WAY BETTER! Having learned what we need (a couple valet volunteers on hand), and knowing the best parking lots nearby, we'll be ready. Like last year, our event will include time/space for going outside, walking and talking, at the P Patch across the street and the Olympic Sculpture Park down the road.

Theme: still being developed, but something having to do with this question: who do you see joining Emmaus Road?  The Road Crew spent a lot of time and energy rewording and rethinking Emmaus Road's mission and purpose last year; this will be a time to look more closely at the personal implications of what we have declared as a community. Abstractly, this is about growth/evangelism, connecting/loving/serving friends/neighbors through the lens of the Gospel.  God has this big plan to send out "fishers of men," and there's a huge "net" he continues to weave.  Every congregation and every Christian around the world exist to be a part of that great net.  Is Emmaus Road part of that net in Seattle?  Are you participating in this process, are you part of this "net"?  What are the consequences of dropping the net, neglecting the net, taking up a different net, etc.?  How does this question, (and the answers of course), address dreams and fears about Emmaus Road's size, future, integrity, purpose?  Thoughts, suggestions?