Next Friday, November 2, is New Horizons' annual fundraiser, the Dessert Extravaganza. Emmaus Road can help by providing one dessert and one savory item. This is the traditional expectation of every volunteer Food Group.

What we need:

  • one volunteer to bake/cook/buy a dessert 
  • one volunteer to bake/cook/buy a savory item 
  • one volunteer to deliver said items to University Presbyterian next Friday afternoon (or to New Horizons Thursday)
  • or one ambitious person to do all of the above on behalf of all of us 

Because plenty of brownies and Caprese salads have been pledged already, we have been asked to forego contributing more of those particular items. Suggestion: little pies (sweet) and vegetable/meat skewers (savory).


Is Emmaus Road an "attractional" church or a "relational" church? Hopefully we are attractively relational. In our local denominational Cluster of Christian Reformed Churches, Emmaus Road is one among several congregations who operate out of both paradigms - I would argue simultaneously -  though each church may slant more in one direction than another. What do these terms mean, and does one of them describe us more than the other? Read more



Praise God for another little one!
Welcome Ruby Lucia, 
born Tuesday October 9, 2012 to Dave, Jessie, 
and big brother Jasper.



This Sunday, we will be moving swiftly from song and prayer to fellowship and feast. We want your salads and desserts! Erin Fullner is organizing our FALL FELLOWSHIP FEAST potluck this Sunday (October 7), bringing several crockpots of turkey chili (see her eVite and Emmaus Road's FB page).

The Emmaus Road Story

In the winter of 1997, we began as a small team of about 10 people, committed to gathering and growing a church that would connect with others like ourselves; people interested in connecting with God, in the person and work of Jesus Christ, but disconnected from the activity of many mainstream congregations. With the financial support of a larger church organization, our pastor was able to work full time with the team in planning, leadership development, and meeting people in the community.

Our first meetings were open discussion forums. We talked about prayer, scripture, spiritual discipline and the issues with which we all struggle. As friends talked to friends, the first group expanded and we multiplied into two.

Inspired by the journey process as a metaphor for spiritual growth, we searched for a name which would reflect that idea. In the resurrection narrative of Luke 24, we found our name "on the road to Emmaus."

After our first worship event on Good Friday of 1997, both groups began to gather together for worship once a month. In various coffee shops and rental spaces, we gradually increased our worship times to twice a month, and in September of 1998 we decided to gather every Sunday. Since the beginning, numerical growth has been gradual but steady, most often through the personal contact of friends talking to friends.

Today, several small groups continue to meet for open discussions on prayer, scripture, and the process of encountering God in daily life; we all gather for worship each week.